JAV [English Subs] ATID-327 The Moist Pantyhose Of An Office Lady Saeko Matsushita

The video is awesome, and Saeko Matsushita is beyond awesome. The OL attire fits her really well, and I really enjoyed the semi-clothed sex scenes.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their clothing company, Saeko Matsushita invites a famous designer to collaborate with them. A misunderstanding arises and the dude accuses the company of plagiarism even it’s all an excuse because he just wants to bang Saeko. I don’t blame him. What follows is some amazing sex scenes.

ATID-327 is actually a humiliation/abuse fetish video, with a secondary OL/pantyhose fetish. It’s a really good AV that works well because:

Saeko is a dignified Female boss worth being humiliated.
Simple but effective plot.
Ridiculously good sex scenes.
Top-notch acting.

Plot = Matsushita Saeko, is a Female boss enjoying great success in a clothes designing company. She even scores a collaboration with a famous clothes designer, Sugiura-san. She, alongside a co-worker, meet with Sugiura-san to discuss business details but she quickly realizes Sugiura-san new designs are all plagiarized. She delegates the issue to her subordinate, who doesn’t properly handle the issue and the shitstorm unleashes.

Saeko feels guilty because she didn’t manage well the problem even she knew there would be an issue. Sugiura-san then goes ballistic and threatens to get everybody fired, but then sees the opportunity to make a move on Saeko.

There are many great moments in this AV, such as minute 00:10:28. And minute 00:11:28, where I thought our lovely Saeko-chan was going to finally get R3kt for good. Tomohiro Abe acting is truly awesome all along the video, he even speaks some English at minute 00:07:27.

Saeko sex scenes are very remarkable too. Her body is really impressive and I loved the pantyhose and humiliation scenes.

Can’t ask for more. 5/5

JAV [English Subs] MIAE-076 Home Gangbang Raped Party Tour Meguri

I have always been very skeptical about NTR in general. But got to say this was pretty good and I love this story. Is also awesome and an eye-opener to see Meguri (Fujiura Megu) still around, she is awesome and very hot and. The situation was quite good too.

I subbed the first 2 scenes in which the story gets developed. Everything after that is just sex-scenes, 3P and such, without any relevant dialogues.

The story goes about a wife and husband who held a party for his co-workers. They all start drinking and joking and everything is going fine. But the coworkers have a theory: all girls are cheating bitches. “All” includes Meguri too. So they prepare some hidden cameras and lay the trap to innocent Meguri.

They successfully lay the trap and get everything on film, presenting the evidence to the wronged husband. Who could have never imagined his wife was capable. Outraged and humiliated, the husband takes revenge on Meguri. “So you like random dicks?, I will give you double ration…”.