JAV [English Subs] SSNI-241 My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Keep Prancing Around Without Her Bra And Seduce Me Shion Utsunomiya RION

A dude has a girlfriend which is flat as a plank and mildly tomboyish, but hey, having a girlfriend is a respectable thing. So he gets invited to the house to do some homework.

Suddenly the big sister RION appears introducing herself, with those big humongous pairs of OPPAI, dressing all sexy. Getting all over the dude, being seductive and all. She couldn’t be any more different than the sister: Curvy, big boobs, feminine, sexy, and not wearing any bra, which can be clearly be seen through the clothes transparency.

Later on the dude has sex with her Gf, but even so, he can’t forget those RION boobs and he obsesses about her. He sneaks out in the middle of the night to find RION. Hence

I still think RION acting lacks a little bit but I felt she did a much better job this time compared to recent releases, she also compensates with her crazy body and face. The drama part was also good and I could get behind this story.
RION has a little sister named Yuki, which also has a boyfriend younger than her. But RION finds the little dude so cute. So she starts to seduce him with her huge pair of humongous boobs.

Initially, Junior-kun loved Yuki, a plain as a table young girl, but after checking out big sister RION tits he acquires a newfound taste for big tits. Plus RION prancing around her tits without any bra is a wake-up call for him. He and RION start an affair literally under the sister’s nose.

The story is simple yet funny. RION looks hot… really hot.

JAV [English Subs] SSNI-030 Yua Mikami Fan Thanksgiving Scene 2

About this SSNI-030, I decided to sub just scene 2, which in my opinion was the best from this DVD.

Yua-Chan meets the fans and starts taking requests fan by fan. She breaks the 3rd wall, presenting herself as “Yua Mikami” the JAV superstar, and encouraging the fans to start masturbating to her. Grabbing this unique chance to fap to here face to face, and not from a DVD as per usual.

2 of the fans were seriously hilarious. Yua was charming and funny all-along playing the games with the fans and totally killing it.